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Do You Know Who Your True Friends Are?


You may have many acquaintances, but are they true friends? As the days of our lives pass by with the joys and sorrows we experience, it is the presence of friends that enhance our experience of joy and provide compassion during time of sorrow.

A true friend inspires goodness, empathy, and mutual respect. It is a bond that transcends time and distance, and invigorates memories of happiness, fun, excitement, challenge, sadness, and perseverance all in one sphere of trust. True friendship is not judgmental but supportive in good times and bad. It is a unity of life between two human beings where the experiences of one are the experiences of the other.

Although technology has enhanced the speed and our capability to communicate with one another, it has also created a world of pseudo friends. Social networking sites have provided an outlet to share our lives with those around us, but how many of your Internet acquaintances are really true friends? Would they ever put your agenda and needs before their own? Would they literally be there for you because you needed them? Do they really care about you, or is it just an opportunity to project themselves on to others?

Friends anchor us when the sea of life is unsteady, and yet encourage us to continue the journey. A friend is one who jumps aboard when others have abandoned ship. Your real friends do not focus on your faults, but always see your strengths. As Helen Keller stated, “With the death of every friend I love, a part of me has been buried, but their contribution to my being of happiness, strength, and understanding remains to sustain me in an altered world.”

Genuine friendships create a treasure chest of love, respect and richness in life that is priceless and forever memorable. As the beauty of a flower is expressed through its petals, so is the beauty of who we are expressed through our friends. Know who your true friends are, and you’ll be closer to knowing yourself.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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