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Serendipity is defined as, “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”. Luck is defined as, “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”. Is there such a thing as luck, or is it an extension of what we do every day? Both definitions include the word “chance” which brings into question, are we in control of the occurrences that surround us? Are the results of luck and serendipity related to coincidence? Coincidence is defined as, “a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection”. Why do some win raffles and others do not? Why do some appear to be at the right time and place for opportunity and others are not? Why do bad things happen to good people, or why does tragedy befall so many? How is it we meet strangers and there is a mutual connection? How is it we were just thinking about something or someone and an hour later we experience that thing or run into that someone? I cannot begin to count the number of times I have thought of a client, the scheduling of an event, a question I needed to ask, or correspondence I had to create and moments later the phone rings or I receive an email and it is the person or item I was thinking about.

I believe beyond the isolated uncontrolled global events, coincidence is created by the energy and behavior we exude to the world around us. The kinder you are, the more kindness is returned. The more respect you demonstrate the more respect is returned. The less you hang around negative, self-centered people, the less those people enter you life. Coincidence? Consistently you attract the energy and thoughts you project. It is a collection of those positive actions that increase the “chance” for serendipity and the experience of luck in our lives. Notice that “failure” was included in the definition of luck. If you display destructive, dishonest, self-centered, negative behavior the “chance” for failure is increased. It is not coincidental that failure or success occurs as a result of our actions, it is directly related. There is always a causal connection between behavior and occurrence in regard to personal character, performance, relationships and self-respect. It is not by chance as a result of lying you destroy a relationship. It is not by chance if you neglect your health you will become ill. It is not by chance if you procrastinate the quality of your work will diminish. It is not by chance if you are not accountable the chance for genuine happiness is remote. It is not by chance if you are fiscally irresponsible you will have financial difficulties.

As mentioned, there are the unexplainable occurrences and events, but those are rare as compared to the day-to-day cause and effect we create for ourselves. There are common occurrences in the midst of common thought, and the more common thought reflects your core values the more you attract similar core valued people into your life. I share with my audiences that I believe I am supposed to be there with them, and for them, in regard to sharing the “No Excuse!” message. It may be for a few, it may be for many, but it is not chance that I am hired at that time, for that event, at that place. I thoroughly enjoy serendipity, but there is common energy behind every serendipitous moment.

Reflect and celebrate serendipity and the positive experience of luck and coincidence because you are a part of that occurrence. Why not believe that to be true? There is nothing to lose, only tremendous joy believing that you are a part of your own future, and purpose. It is emotionally and physically healthier to believe the life you lead and the positive results that occur are in some way a result of your own efforts. Although tomorrow may bring sorrow, a loss or a tragedy, live with the belief that wonderful things can happen and will happen to you. As you live today create your own serendipity, your own luck and your own coincidence by delivering goodness and demonstrating selflessness to those around you. Each day is a gift, and each day is an opportunity to create what kind of gift you unwrap.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

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