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Wow! What a presentation. As you know TEC 24 has speakers at most of its meetings. To say you hit a grand slam with my group would be an understatement. They rated you a perfect 5.0 for both content matter and presentation quality. In fact some wanted to give you a “6” for presentation quality. You connected with the group from start to finish, and you truly had an impact with everyone in the room. On a personal note, it was a pleasure meeting you, and being able to spend some quality time with you. You truly are a remarkable person with a great message to share.

Fritz Jacobi, Chair, The Executive Committee (TEC) 24 Wisconsin
Thank you for delivering your inspirational message to the most important people in our business, our employees and distributors. I have had a steady stream of people tell me how powerful your message was to them. You exceeded their expectations. Your personal message of your experiences, positive and painful, inspires people to assess their core values, and enables them to focus on what is truly important in their lives. We are a better company for having shared the experience of hearing you speak, and demonstrates how we value our people for having invited such a quality speaker as you.

Andrew K. Skipp President/CEO, Hubbard-Hall Inc.
As a conference host of many years, and having the opportunity to see many keynote presentations, Jay was a great choice! We had attendees from across the globe representing diverse backgrounds, and his "True to Your Core" message resonated with everyone! His passionate and inspiring delivery had the audience engaged from the opening sentence to his extremely descriptive closing. He was the highest rated keynote of the event. If I had to use one word to describe the experience it would be "uniting." He was a great choice and we will definitely use him again!

Rich Hand, Director, Redwood Collaborative Media
Your words fell on very open ears. Yours was the best presentation we have had in my 24 years here at the University of Notre Dame. If you ever doubt that you are impacting lives, just re-read my e-mail to energize yourself.

Robert Bayliss, Men's Head Tennis Coach, University of Notre Dame
The feedback on your presentation has been very positive. I thought your comments were terrific and provided a great recap to the message and theme we had for the conference. As you know, introducing our updated Core Values statement is just the start of a process and our challenge will be to find ways to keep the message alive and demonstrated daily. We will certainly look for ways to plug you in again with our efforts. I really appreciate not only your message, but the manner in which you deliver it. I really enjoyed meeting you and appreciate you spending time with our group.

Eric Bolton, CEO, MAA
I want to thank you for the time you spent with us last week. The time you spent with our administrators and physicians was invaluable. Everyone walked away with a sense of responsibility, not only to themselves, but also to the organization and, more important, to those around them, their employees, family members, friends, etc... It was truly the best session we have done for our organization. Everyone was reminded that it is critically important to live true to your values! Some of our physicians even wanted books for their family members! Thank you for the work you did.

John D. Martin, CEO, OrthoIndy
Every once in a while, but not often enough, a speaker comes along and gently causes our members to see the world a little differently, to think about things they may not have considered...... Rifenbary, connects with grace and humor; his message is that identifying Core Values then creates the opportunity for Accountability and from that evolves Integrity. One of my larger company members hired him to address two shifts of their employees. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Bud Carter, Chair, Vistage International
This year we celebrated our 11th Annual Customer Service retreat for 1,000 of our associates. Every year, our goal is to exceed the prior year. Jay, you absolutely helped us achieve our goal. You hit it out of the park! When reviewing the evaluations, the one common theme of what the participants liked the most was You! Your captivating presentation was powerful and engaging as well as refreshing, energetic, and different. You were truly inspiring.

Nancy R. Riggs, System Director, Customer Service, OhioHealth
I believe that any business owner should embrace the opportunity to have Jay speak to their organization as Jay’s impact goes beyond the company’s bottom line and into one’s personal life. Jay speaks directly from the heart with candor, humility, and humor. His message speaks beyond our professional lives and can have a positive impact on who we are as a person. I was delighted to see so many of our employees bring their children and spouses to our evening event. I believe Jay’s message had a positive impact on everyone in attendance.

Jon Simmers, CEO, Bismarck Aero Center
Every now and again you meet someone whose mere presence changes your own image of self. Jay Rifenbary is one such individual. I had the great pleasure attending a Vistage Int’l meeting where Jay was the keynote. He was unassuming, and kind. I would have never guessed him to be a West Point grad, airborne/ranger type guy. But, after he began to speak, I soon knew my soul would be lifted to a higher level, and my leadership to new heights. I agree with Jack Canfield that Jay has given humanity a wonderful gift. I highly recommend Jay as a speaker for those who play at the highest level.

Kari Warberg Block, President and CEO, Fresh Cab Natural Rodent Repellent
Recently our plant celebrated many milestones. We moved into our new administration building, finished 2011 with great success and achieved our best safety performance on record. The challenge moving forward is how do we sustain this improvement. We fully believe your message of a common sense approach to living our core values will help us to continue our improvement. We have received excellent feedback on your message. Our team left the meeting energized, inspired and motivated to make 2012 our most successful year! Best regards,

Warren Stroman, General Manager, PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer
Our leadership team and sales team were very motivated by Jay Rifenbary's keynote address. His reality messages and life experience stories resonated professionally and personally. Jay hit it out of the park. He would be a strong asset to any meeting agenda.

Thomas Massie, President & CEO, Bridgeliine Digital, Inc.
Jay - Home Run! I have arranged and booked hundreds of trainers and speakers. Never have I had feedback like I did from your presentation on Saturday. Yours is a gift, my friend.

Tim Christensen, VP of Communications, Project Management Institute, Upstate New York
Last night was a wonderful success. We received great feedback today about how people appreciated your presentation. One of the gifts you have is the ability to challenge people to be their best selves. Last night, you did this with a community of people who will keep reinforcing what you said with each other. In turn, the impact you had was not only on the community of teachers, but on their families too. This cross-generational impact can never be measured, but is significant.

Dr. Michael D. Morgan, Ph.D, Dean, State University of New York Plattsburgh
Jay, Jay , Jay. That's all we've been hearing about your Frontline Leadership Summit session yesterday! You were a real 'home run' and touched the lives of a number of people. Thank you again for a terrific message.

Kara J. McClure, SPHR, Manager Organizational Dev., University of Notre Dame, Human Resources
I found your presentation to be insightful, informative, and thought provoking. You certainly are making a difference in the world and the people whom you've come into contact. I commend you for that and look forward to the next time I can view and participate in one of your presentations.

Charles D. Jamieson, Esquire, Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A.
Thanks again. Your presentation was just what I was looking for. It set the perfect tone for our strategic planning conference. Great Stuff!

Kevin J. Stone, CPP, CEO, Doyle Security Systems
I thought you were an incredible speaker and you have obviously found your passion in life. I love the idea of incorporating an actual set of Core Values into your personal life as well. I was moved to tears by your speech because you are so right in saying that nothing matters more than knowing you made a difference, or touched somebody’s life, and the stories of things that your children did that brought you to tears was even more inspiring because those are the truly unexplainable feelings and moments in life. I could go on and on, but it really touched my heart and mind. Thank you again!

Vicky Gregory, Conference Participant
Thursday, October 01, 2020

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