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Be Careful What You Take For Granted

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Hypothetically asking, when was the last time you woke up one morning and what you thought you had was gone? Was it a person, possession, position, an aspect of your health, family or financial resources? How did you react, and how quickly did you ask yourself questions and attempt to make sense of what just happened, and what you just lost? Understand what is personally and professionally good in your life should never be taken for granted nor neglected, but continually reflected upon with a level of respect and appreciation. Why? Because you can never prepare for life's unexpected twists and turns, and you never know exactly what tomorrow may bring.

To neglect is to “fail to care for properly: not pay proper attention to; disregard”. To take for granted is to neglect what may be truly important in your life and career. As each day passes, do you outwardly demonstrate less appreciation and respect for those who may be most important to you, because they are always around you? What you perceive daily to be mundane and average in your life may become desired and exceptional when it is no longer there. A primary reason we all fall into this trap is because our focus tends to be more about us, rather then taking the time to be more selfless and thoughtful toward others, and the environment around us.

It is what we are used to that invites neglect, because it is the same old thing. However, to neglect the same old thing is a choice and a mindset, and not an excuse to be apathetic and miserable. There is nothing to celebrate when you accept an invitation to attend your own life's personal pity party. Attending only results in more excuses and less personal accountability. An attitude of gratitude is the primary key that unlocks greater appreciation and respect for what you have, what you have accomplished, and those you love. The more appreciative you are the less likely you will be to take things or the people around you for granted. Perspective also contributes positively to being more grateful. In this context perspective is defined as, “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view: true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion”.

Perspective is the preventative medicine that restricts the onset of the "takeforgranted" disease. To be empathetic and compassionate to what others may be suffering or struggling with provides a greater understanding that the world does not revolve around the one, but rather one another. It is always neglect of life's little things that manifest into the most challenging of life's big things. The number of examples that illustrate this are countless, and pertains to all aspects of your life including emotional, physical, financial, familial, spiritual, professional and environmental to list a few. To neglect the little thing of eating healthy will result in a bigger thing namely sickness and disease. To neglect the little thing of balancing your checkbook will result in a bigger thing namely being overdrawn. To neglect the little thing of listening to your children will result in a bigger thing namely a child’s impression that Mom and Dad do not care. To neglect the little thing of demonstrating respect for the person you love will result in a bigger thing namely a miserable and unloving relationship. To neglect the little thing of being mindful of waste will result in the bigger thing of an unsafe environment.

The major point, do not take for granted that the little things just happen, ensure that the little things always happen. To accomplish this takes discipline, perseverance, thoughtfulness and most importantly a willingness and desire to live a full life. Your personal core values and the application of them will provide you the strength to be disciplined and resilient when the unexpected happens, and when the little things appear to be meaningless. It is never easy to put others first, but it is a common thread that when sewed together brings forth the beauty of humanity and what it means to be truly human. As the Golden Rule so simply states, treat others as you wish to be treated.


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