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The Triple Crown Of Leadership


The Triple Crown Of Leadership

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With the avalanche of information and technological change, an understanding of what creates effective leadership is continually being challenged. How does one lead in the threshold of social media, an ever expansive cyber world, and abundant moral relativity? What principles of leadership can a leader utilize to unite their followers, create an organizational culture where people believe they are coming to work for something greater than themselves, and where in their work and family environment they feel valued?

Vulnerability, Humility and Transparency are three principles that not only bring back humanness into the work environment, but create a more impactful level of authentic leadership. This trio of principles inspires people to feel included and valued in the operational process. They enhance professional and personal relationships, and open greater avenues to more effective communication, in turn trust, and organizational health.

To display a level of vulnerability is not an excuse for a weakness, but rather an opportunity to lower your emotional walls and inspire others to lower theirs. When you open your heart and display a level of vulnerability it enhances communication. You are more human, relatable and authentic, resulting in a greater willingness and comfort among those you lead to communicate with you. You create a safer leadership environment resulting in a higher level of trust.

To be humble is to think more of others than yourself. To realize that all the answers to all the issues do not only exist with you, but can be found in the collective strengths and talents of those you lead. Humility does not excuse a leader from having to be accountable for their team’s results, but it does create a team that collectively wants to participate in the process. With that greater sense of ownership for their role in the outcome, the more cooperative, collaborative and inspired the team will be to succeed.

Transparency is an indication of honesty and conveys a leader’s willingness to be truthful. Certainly a breath of fresh air is experienced when transparency is real, and in turn will be reciprocated by those led. When a leader is transparent there is nothing to hide, so nothing to fear. So simple, but so internally destructive for those who deceive. Transparency by a leader conveys trust in your team, and trust in the process. It provides the ability for greater accountability on all levels of leadership, because there is honest clarity in the operational process.

The beauty of this trio of leadership principles is that all three are interdependent of one another. When a leader is vulnerable they are more likely to display a level of humility. When a leader is humble they are more likely to be transparent. In any order, this powerhouse of leadership qualities can propel a leader and their team to greater levels of achievement, mutual respect, accountability, cooperation and loyalty to one another. It creates an environment that does not neglect the importance, originality and value of being a human being.

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