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Beware of the Human Predator

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Beware of the Human Predator

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When you think of a predator what feelings and definitions do you associate with that word? Attacking, marauding, bloodthirsty, instinctively driven, carnivorous, dangerous, evil, narcissistic or sociopathic may be just a few that may come to mind. The disturbing thing is they are all legitimate associations. By definition, the aftermath of predatory behavior is always emotionally, physically and sexually destructive to the animal or person being preyed upon. Two formal synonyms for a predator include, hunter and killer. Human predatory behavior is extensively more subtle, deceptive and complex then the explained instinctive actions of a lion attacking and devouring a gazelle. However, the destructive outcome between the two is eerily similar.

It is the emotional destruction caused by the human predator upon another human that differentiates it from animal upon animal. An effective human predator has an arsenal of potential skills at their disposal including intelligence, deception, dishonesty, creativity, trickery, charisma, attractiveness, confidence, and being manipulative, convincing, analytical and organized. Gee, sounds pretty advantageous to be a predator doesn't it? It sure does if you don't have a shred of moral bone in your body. A human predator has no morality other than what they believe to be moral for their own benefit. If they can emotionally, sexually and materialistically gain and get their way by being destructive, then in their own mind it is the morally right thing to do. Simply, they believe the ends justify the means no matter who is hurt or destroyed in order to reach their desires.

Welcome to the world of a narcissistic sociopath. I have witnessed the extent of the energy and drive these flawed human beings will put forth to capture and conquer their prey. According to psychologist Martha Stout, a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School for over 25 years, and author of The Sociopath Next Door - The Ruthless Versus The Rest of Us, sociopaths represent approximately 4% of the American population. This calculates to 12 million people who have little or no empathy or affectionate feelings for humans or animals. Although that may appear somewhat minimal, what a powerful percentage that is when you look at what they can potentially destroy during the course of their existence. It only takes one narcissistic sociopathic predator to damage or destroy the emotional and even physical well being of many lives. They may all not be at the level of an Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin, but they are all around us and beware.

Morally intentioned people, those who treat others with dignity and respect, must trust their intuition when around these individuals. If it feels too good to be true it probably is. Your personal vulnerabilities and insecurities make you susceptible to the many tentacles of the predator who senses those weaknesses. Predators will portray they are the emotional, sexual and even financial solution to all your weaknesses knowing they only wish to use you for their own pleasure, satisfaction and sense of self-worth and value. The truth is these individuals are so sick with their own insecurities and lack of personal identity that they destroy others to uplift their own sense of importance and self-respect. To have a conscience means you care about another human and the motives behind your behaviors. Predators have no conscience during, or at the end of their destructive journey. The pain they inflict upon individuals and families is unconscionable to caring human beings.

Each life experience is a life lesson to be learned, and what doesn't kill you can make you stronger based on the strength of your attitude, resiliency and the core values that structure your character. Forgiveness is the cornerstone to recovering from having been victimized by a predator. It is not necessarily forgiving the person who caused the harmful journey, but rather making a concerted effort to redirect the negative energy surrounding the journey to positive aspects of your life and future. I am just hopeful none of you have to be put to that test anytime soon.


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