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Spontaneity - Add a Slice of Spice to Your Life


Spontaneity - Add a Slice of Spice to Your Life

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What are you doing today to personally enrich your life? Are you willing to redirect a segment of your routine, and explore the possibility of experiencing something different? What is holding you back? Is it the fear of the unknown, lack of knowledge, or potential disappointment? What if the opposite occurred such as joy, pride, a sense of accomplishment, personal growth and greater wisdom? How would you know what the outcome could be if you never try?

When was the last time you were spontaneous? Spontaneous is defined as, “performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus”. I believe it is the inner impulse to push past what is, and experience what can be. In other words, get out of your comfort zone and seek a bit of the discomfort zone. Of course, there should always be a conscious level of common sense and responsibility associated with going out on a limb. You would not go skydiving without a parachute and proper preparation, but the mere fact that you could experience such a feat would be exhilarating. Tapping into your further potential and experiencing something new enhances your sense of self, and ignites a spirit of living life to its fullest. This potential for personal growth and enrichment resides in all of us. All you have to do is believe it exists.

The nature and type of growth is not the same for all of us, but the innate desire for more than what we are is a commonality of interest we all share. Responsible spontaneity unleashes adventure, excitement, passion, fun and most importantly a newness and sense of feeling alive. It enhances ones-self, personal relationships, family dynamics and an understanding that life does not have to be taken so seriously and be mundane all the time.

From a self-respect perspective, disengage from the value you put on the assessment, judgment and reflection of you from others. Be you! Not easy, but how do you genuinely know who you are, if who you are is based on someone other than you? We are all provided some level of insight, guidance and mentorship from others and it is to be valued. However, to base the essence of who you are completely on the assessment of others, is irresponsible and undermines the intrinsic value of your oneness with self.

To be spontaneous is to be aware of a passion you may have or want to have. Art, literature, music, fitness, travel, food, wine, love and laughter are just a few passions one may have. Well, bring them to fruition and participate in the process of how they may lift up the living experience of your life. How fun to experience what you have not experienced. To be spontaneous does not necessarily exclude post spontaneous thoughtful planning. I may have a spontaneous thought of wanting to travel to Arizona and hike the Grand Canyon, but following up on that spontaneous thought will take some planning and preparation. However, do not let that passion go by the wayside to just wishful thinking. Make it happen and how fun and joyful will that be? Try a new restaurant, a new pair of pants, a new dress, a new pair of shoes, a new workout routine, a new yoga class or a new coffee shop. You can always go back to what was if that is your favorite, but at least you have open the door to a new adventure and created an option of experience for the future. Good or bad, it only adds to the volume of your life experience.

Love who you are, because I genuinely believe there is much to love. Experience what you can, because experience is endless. There is no finite to the depth of experience. Every breath you take, tone you hear, touch you feel, sight you see, encounter you may have, emotion you may process, thought you may ponder, internal sense you may struggle with, and spiritual wonderment you may question are what makes waking up each morning a privilege. It is a blessing and an opportunity to be more than you can be. Be spontaneous in forgiving those who have hurt you. Be spontaneous in forgiving yourself for your mistakes. Be spontaneous in being kind, respectful and loving to those around you. Be spontaneous in speaking goodness and optimism. Be spontaneous in not judging others, but rather attempting to understand the other side. Allow love to be spontaneous. Enjoy the experience of doing what is unexpected 

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