Corporate: Motivation & Leadership

Corporate: Motivation & Leadership

An Action Plan for Productive and Profitable Success

 In this proven and powerful corporate motivation and leadership program, participants learn to:

  • Value the importance of developing an action plan for personal & professional accountability, by incorporating core values as a foundation for performance, for the purpose of creating a greater level of efficiency and productivity within their work environment and their personal understanding. 
  • Develop an understanding of the interdependency of integrity, personal honesty and accountability, and the impact it has on creating a blueprint for character, and commitment to the values an individual aspires to.
  • Understand and implement the power of vulnerability in unifying a team, and creating a greater level of communication, ultimately leading to a greater level of trust.
  • Eliminate excuses and the trend towards an entitlement mind set for the overall benefit of one's personal and professional outlook.
  • Define and reflect on characteristics of effective leadership for the purpose of assessing their own leadership performance and potential.
  • Reflect on questions for personal purpose, such as, "What would you like to be remembered for?", "Who has been a role model or mentor in your life?", "Why do others follow you?" and "How do you inspire others?".
  • Enhance an ability to understand and apply elements of forgiveness, professionalism, and attitude to their overall quality of performance.
  • Re-align a balance between work and home to ultimately provide a greater sense of personal self-respect and a greater respect towards the organization resulting in an increase in trust, loyalty, communication and performance.